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Have Focus menu edit function so that people can create an additional focus item such as "initiated"

often I have tasks that are initiated but waiting on information or input from others. At the moment they have to remain in the Today focus and this means my immediate task list appears longer than it should - somewhat daunting. Also means it is difficult to identify which tasks I am yet to initiate from those I already have.
I have been using the tags function but I am not happy with this as my today task list does not shorten.
If you had a focus edit function so we could add additional focuses as we need them that would be great.

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Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to explain our stance before closing the feedback.

There is a way for you to create a custom Focus Areas. See here for details:

We are hesitant to add extra Focus Areas since we’d like to stay true to David Allen’s methodology. Since we keep our apps very simple and flexible, our users actually told us of this workaround. :)

I hope you can understand our stance. Thanks again for your idea and keep the feedback coming!

Please see the latest update to this discussion…



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  • Abby Fichtner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Am I the only one who thinks that telling us you completed a feature by not actually completing anything and instead forcing us to pay money for adding additional non-existent users - is ridiculous? Or am I missing some way to do this that that doesn’t require paying for additional users?

  • Lara Osborne commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am new to GTD, so perhaps I don't understand it enough to see how a Waiting box in the Focus Areas would not be true to his methodology. As I see it, the "Waiting" box is one of the three essential components of work flow processing.

    On his Work Flow graphic on page 156, the bottom line--the outcome of any act of processing--contains only three options: "Waiting", "Calendar", "Next Actions".

    I thought my pre-fabbed "Areas" boxes corresponded to the GTD work flow graphic on a pretty 1:1 basis. Other than the conspicuous absence of the "Waiting" box, that is.

    "In-Basket" = Inbox
    "Scheduled"= Scheduled
    "Next Actions" = Next
    "Waiting" = ????

    Then on page 157, he offers this list of "buckets". These also seemed to correspond to your layout, except for the non-existent "Waiting For" list:

    “A “Projects” list = Projects
    • Project support material = Paper clips
    • Calendared actions and information = Scheduled
    • “Next Actions” lists = Next
    • A “Waiting For” list = ??????
    • Reference material = Paper clips/integration with drives
    • A “Someday/Maybe” list” = Someday

    Again, I'm curious how a Waiting area would not be compatible with the methodology. It seems essential to the methodology. Literally the bottom line.

    Otherwise the layout is fantastic.

  • Katharine Trim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Strongly agree. There's a difference between what's new to my Inbox, what's got to be done, but I'm waiting for a piece before it moves, and the items for immediate focus.

  • Kirke Curtis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    RIght now when I'm waiting on someone else to get something done before I can move forward, I manually put the words WAITING ON: and the person's name and task. If you could create your own focuses (foci?), then I'd have a focus called Waiting on.

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