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Importing tasks

With Get It Done you can add multiple tasks at one time. This saves you a lot of time if you frequently add groups of tasks. Lets get into how this works.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the +Add Task button at the bottom right of your screen:
  3. Click the bottom all the way at the bottom of the dialog that says “or add multiple files…” (if you don’t see this button then you might need to reload your browser window)

You should see the following dialog:

Batch add/Import Tasks


Simply fill out all of the information, click save and we will import all of those tasks into the app for you.

One use case for this is if you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet.

If you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet, just copy and paste the task names from a spreadsheet into this dialog. You can also set which area, project, focus, tags, due date, or who these tasks will be assigned to.

Another way this is helpful is if you have the same list of tasks you type every time you start a new project. Just save the list of task names somewhere (maybe in the note of another Get It Done task) so that you can quickly fill this out when you are starting a new project.

If you find other useful ways to use this just let us know!

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