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How to use Get It Done to get organized

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The first thing you will notice after you login to Get It Done are the folders:  ‘Inbox’, ‘Today’, ‘Next’, and ‘Someday’. If you are already a “Getting Things Done” or GTD blackbelt, then you might be able to guess what these mean. But for everybody else, let's take a look.


The Inbox is where you dump everything that is on your mind. The theory is that you can only think about a few things at a time so if you dump everything that is on your mind into the Inbox, then you can think clearer about what is on the agenda for today.

After you dump all the tasks into your Inbox, then you can go through each task and put it into one of the following folders.


Today is what you plan on doing today. Easy enough, right?


Next are tasks that you want to do soon but you won’t be able to get to them today. Everyday you will probably go through your Next folder and figure out what you are doing for that day.


Someday should contain all the tasks that you want to do one day but you really don’t have the time or maybe you just don’t want to do them any time soon. You put these tasks in here so you won’t forget about them.


The Scheduled folder is special.  It has two features:

  1. If you drag a task into the Scheduled folder, we will pop up a calendar where you can pick a date in the future when you want us to put the task in your inbox again.  This is handy for tasks that you do not need to think about until a specific date (i.e. Change clocks on March 13th). This is a great way to keep tasks out of sight and out of mind.
  2. This is a place to see all your recurring tasks, as well as the tasks that you have rescheduled in step 1.  This folder is where the recurring tasks mainly reside, organized in neat sections based on their recurring schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly).

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