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What is the difference between Scheduled and Due Dates?

Scheduled and due dates are two different things in Get It Done.

Scheduled (for review)

Think of Scheduled as “I want to review this task at a later date but get it out of my way for now”. When you schedule a task, it will remain in the scheduled folder until the date you’ve specified. On that date, it will be moved into your “Today” folder.  This is a great way to declutter your ‘Today” folder of tasks you don’t want to do today but need to do it the next day or a specific day.

To schedule a task for future review, just drag the task into the “Scheduled” category under your focus group on the left of your screen.  You will see the following screen where you can specify when you want to see this task again:


Scheduled Date Picker


Due Dates

Due dates are a way for you to visually see how long you have until the task is due. To set a due date, just click on “no due date” to the right of your task. This will pop up a dialog for you to set a due date:


Click the ‘No Due Date’ button to add a due date


After you set due dates for your tasks, you can quickly see when all your tasks are due.

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