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Using Smart Groups to organize your Evernote notes

Many users use ‘Smart Groups’ to organize their tasks. Basically Smart Groups are a way to group together tasks that have the same tag(s). Evernote also allows you to tag your notes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could group together all of your tasks AND Evernote notes that have the same tag? Now you can, all you have to do is create a Smart Group with the tag that you want  to use to group everything together.

For Example, if you what to group all your “Home” tasks and Evernotes together in one place you would first create a Smart Group in Get It Done by clicking the + button next to the Smart Groups category on the left. In the following screen, enter the new name of your Smart Group and enter ‘Home’ in the tags field and then click ‘Save’:

Add Smart Group

Now any Evernote or task with the tag ‘Home’ will show up in your new Smart Group:

Smart Groups With Evernote

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