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Are the mobile apps really free?

The short answer is YES. The mobile apps (iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, etc) are all free to use forever.

What cost the $39 a year is if you want to use our sync service.

The most popular feature of the sync service is:

  • We automatically back up your data for you incase anything ever happens to your mobile device. We see this happen ALL the time. The device needs to be reinstalled, or it could be lost, stolen or damaged. If you subscribe to Get It Done you can rest assured that your data is safe. If you are just using the mobile app there is no way for us to get back your lost data, but if you are using our sync service you can quickly get your data back.

You can also…

  • Use the app across multiple devices and your data will be in sync across all of them.
  • Use the app on your desktop through the website:
  • Subscribe to a calendar of your tasks
  • Download your data as a spreadsheet
  • Get daily reminders of your tasks through email
  • Email tasks directly to your account
  • Email a task list to anyone
  • Assign tasks to other people
  • Set up recurring tasks
  • Set up to be reminded of tasks on a certain date
  • And more…

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